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 I made a SOUNDPAK for the SNORK custom model. 

Snork Web
said about it:

"By far the best Snork soundpack yet, by Fritz "TheChosen" Schober."

Barbewire preview on Crackwhore Model

Got rated #1 in Snorkskin Top5

Got rated #2 in Snorkskin Top5

-Click HERE for the Soundpak-

Hey, I am male... sue me... :) I like that crackwhore model... And who would fit better than Pamela Anderson as "Barbe Wire" on it? :) AZMAEL had the cool idea to create a Pumpkin head Scarecrow Snork. This is the result. The HALLOWEEN SNORK! UUAAAHH! Hehe! I wanted to do an evil Snork. The most evil creature I can think of is stille the Alien from the 4 Movies. I hope you like him... with the soundpak he is even a bit funny... :) If you don't have the snork model, click HERE to get it! 

Preview of BIOHAZARD





At last the gas mask skin was not 100% useless. I started a new skin where I tried to have a very cool metal effect. After doing that I thought about giving it a unique look with that orange side... and a modified gas-mask skin also fits cool... I hope to finish it after the weekend...
BTW: The name is due the fact that I play Biohazard 2 (aka Resident Evil2) on PSX now.
Ok, I really got bored doing a regular suit for the gas mask head. So I give them away fro free. Have fun with them and when you make a nice skin with them, inform me and gimme credits for the head...

Get the heads with right mouseclick on them  and then SAVE IMAGE AS... function.

Barett from Final Fantasy 7 
mapped on the Enforcer Model. 
He is a little bit rushed (2 hours 
job),  but I like him anyway. The idea is actually from a Skin idea page at
We all know the Movies Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien4. I always loved the Style Hans Rüdi Giger invented. This is my try to fit that alien style on the Q2 player model. I love the "Calvin and Hobbes" comics. And I like Tigers. So I did one. That skin is also a twist in the usual "bad marine, super heroes and robots" skins nearly all do.





A Top10 skin at Quake2 Body Shop! Click to check

She is also the Clan skin for "GenoXide"


This one is now also the Clan skin of the German Clan "MiC"
The same Tiger skin but without colors. In other words, a nice snow tiger. (roarh!) First I started something that looked like an insect head. But after a while I decided to try to add 1 pixel sized details. When it was finished it was something very weird... but I liked him. In 3dfx mode the skin looks lame, all the 1 pixel sized lines are blurred away. In software mode he looks MUCH better! The Star Wars Bounty Hunter. To find the correct colors for him is horrible. In the movies he looks gray and blue with yellow spots. As a action toy he is gray and green, in sketches and Star Wars books total green, his helmet is brown, blue, red and gray... and after making the colors the way it looked most real I found out that Quake2 palette does not support gray with a blue/green touch... A female skin! And she is not nude, not even showing much skin! A wonder! :) 

I made her just to show that I can make a good female skin (my first female skin was a nude, too. So I'm guilty :)). 

I saw so many sins of wounded soldiers and some with skulls. So I decided to do a skin that shows no skin :) 

In 3dfx mode it looks a bit too orange, but that's the palette. With it's darkest red colors it would look unrealistic, too.



this is a Top 10 Skin at the Quake2 Body Shop! Click here to checkit there..



CONAN the Barbarian

this is a Top 10 Skin at the Quake2 Body Shop! Click here to checkit there..

The famous Predator. One of the coolest SCI Fiction creatures ever. The best hunter of the galaxy (hey, he killed Aliens for fun!). Took me 7 hours of work. This is the un- masked version. The Predator normally hunts only with his helmet mask on, in the movies he took of this device for a close-in-fight. So if you want to be a sniping Predator, get the masked one. The mask/helmet of the Predator gives him several additional informations about heat/size/distance of the victim. Too bad you don't get that in Quake2, too with this skin. But at last you will look very dangerous with those glowing green eyes :) Tron, in my opinion the best "computer movie" and one of the coolest movies from Disney. The glow of their armors is unmatched and the style, too. All we need now is a Quake2 Tron TC with those awesome light cycles! the same Tron armor in red. Together these are a good pack for Capture The Flag and other team stuff in Quake2. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Conan, the barbarian. The TV series sucks, but the movie was good and at that time Arnold's muscles where gigantic (he looked almost unreal). This skin is still a good base for skin where you need a chest.




this is a Top 10 Skin at the Quake2 Body Shop! Click here to checkit there..



I wanted to do Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 4. But lost interest. The ape like face was finished, so I changed the color from green to red, put some lame KPT textures over the GRUNT.PCX and enhanced the arms a bit. Finished. Lame job, but looks good in actual game. Nothing to be proud of. My first Quake2 skin where I seriously tried to do some quality. A bit boring for today's standards. But I still like his outfit.  My idea was simple. Make a blue Cyclops. After finishing face, chest (the human skin wrapped on it) and arms I lost interest in it. I took the legs from Protofiend to finish it. Some people like him anyway for his very intense eye :) This was my second skin, It's more a test to check what color extremes the Quake2 palette offers. Looks cool in game, technically it's just a color changed Psycho and a KPT Texture over it. Lame. Doh! Homers body looks 100% different. But I have to deal with that. I still think it's very funny to fight with or against Homer in Death match. Too bad he does not say "Doh!" when he gets hit! Technically a 15 minutes rush job.

Here are some links to the best Quake2 Skinmakers I know:

Skinforge did the technically best Quake2 skin out there. Too bad he does not update very often and seem to quit doing Quake2 skins.

Partycrash released the best skins I've seen to date (except the Protofiend). His Quality is outstanding and he puts much effort into details!

His skins are also very good. He also has news about the Skinner-community that are worth reading. Check his "best of the rest" section.

He invented the 'bright color' skins. And they are also of very high quality. Definitly worth a look. His news are also interesting and up-to-date.

He does very clean looking marine/soldier/heroes skins. Good use of the Quake2 palette and no pixel smearing.

  This guy also does some very clean skinwork, but the best on his page are his great skin-making-tutorials.
                        If you want to start doing skins, this page is a must-visit

If you want more skins (there are sooo many out), want to know what's the daily news in the skin/model making community, check these links:

Skinland - Skingod, a buddy I often meet in Efnet IRC (#quake2skins and #quake2) has this page. He collects ALL skins. More than 1500 already!!!

Maelstrom - You will only find the best-of-the-best skins there. The guy also has a clue what makes a skin good and what not (There are other pages with
                    top10 and quality paks that have no clue and rate rushed, copied, ugly skins way too high and ignore some real quality stuff).

Elite Skins - This page also only displays the best skins out AND gives them ratings (Tron only got 1/5... dunno why... whine).

Q2: Skin Headquarter - They have a very cool Skin-of-the-month voting page and a skin idea page + Top10 list!!!

Quake2 Skin central - A very good page that updates daily. Skins sorted in categories and other highlights that makes it worth a look.

Q2: Body Shop - A nice Quake2 skins and Models page.

more will be added later... you miss your cool website/linkbutton? Email me, I check it.

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